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IIS application pool configuration with PowerShell

$appPoolPath =  “iis:\AppPools\foo”

$appPool = new-item $appPoolPath

$appPool | set-itemproperty -Name “managedRuntimeVersion” -Value “v2.0”
$appPool | set-itemproperty -Name “managedPipelineMode” -Value “Classic”

function AppPoolConfiguration{
param ([System.String]$applicationPoolName)

$pool = Get-Item “IIS:\AppPools\ASP.NET v4.0”;

#set Enable 32bit Applications
$pool.enable32BitAppOnWin64 = “True”
Log-Info “IIS App pool $pool settings changed: enable32BitAppOnWin64 = True”

#set Pipeline mode
$pool.managedPipelineMode = 0
Log-Info “IIS App pool $pool settings changed: managedPipelineMode = Integrated”

#set Identity
$pool.processModel.username = “reasult\test_lt”
$pool.processModel.password = “2jDsEGih”
$pool.processModel.identityType = 3
Log-Info “IIS App pool $pool settings changed: Identity = $pool.processModel.username”

#set Idle Time-out
$pool.processModel.idleTimeout = “06:00:00”
Log-Info “IIS App pool $pool settings changed: idleTimeout = $pool.processModel.idleTimeout”

$pool | set-item

AppPoolConfiguration $installedWebApplication.applicationPool;

Facebook shares insights from their development process

Facebook growth speed and development scale is enormous. Even you can’t work at Facebook you still can learn how they do coding, releasing, monitoring and what tools can be useful to you too.

Facebook qualities:

  • delivering fast, to be the first a market
  • delivering high quality software (reliability, performance, user experience)

I find 26-30 (hacker series) the most interesting talks as a developer. Good source for new ideas.

If you liked these videos there are more videos available at

Fix Resharper Go to everything in Visual Studio 2013

Some time ago I got a new dev machine. So I needed to install again all my development tools, Visual studio, MS SQL, etc. Luckily with help of Boxstarter and Chocolately this time consuming and not so interesting work (bigger part) can be automated. But usually were some annoying tweak and tune settings which are not or can’t migrated or forgotten to migrate.

Somehow I had not backup of my Resharper settings file, so I needed to change few settings from defaults. The most difficult one was get get rid of navigation to object explorer (default VS behaviour for external assemblies when using CLTR+click). I wanted to see decompiled sources of external code. Here is the setting you need to set in Resharper Options:

Resharper external sourcesp.s. For myself: make settings backup!

Preparing for exam 70-583: Designing and Developing Windows Azure Applications

Last year I have finished my MCPD certification on “Windows Developer 4”. This year I want to achieve MCPD on “Windows Azure Developer”. To get the certification I only need to pass one exam: 70-583 Designing and Developing Windows Azure Applications.

My certifications in progressMCPD Windows Azure Developer prerequisites and requirementsI was looking on internet for self-training resources which could help me and created a list. If you know any other good material for preparation, please add it to comments.

  1. On exam page you will find links to preparation resources. Official self-paced training “Learning Plan for Designing and Developing Windows Azure Applications” is little bit outdated. Information provided is from years 2010-1011. BUT, this is an old exam, so you don’t need to know latest & greatest from Azure. Strangely, link is not working if I am singed in with Microsft live.
  2. On this site you will find some more links which helped other people to prepare for the exam :
  3. One more guy sharing his preparation material: “Top Five resources to help you prepare for 70 583 Designing and Developing Windows Azure Applications“.
  4. Useful discussions in MSDN forum “Looking for Exam 70-583 material“.
  5. Probably too new for the exam, but very extensive material: “Learn Windows Azure with these free Microsoft Virtual Academy courses online“.

Of course, exam is not everything what you need to know to become a good Azure developer. I also recommend to follow latest news on Azure on Channel9.