IIS application pool configuration with PowerShell


$appPoolPath =  “iis:\AppPools\foo”

$appPool = new-item $appPoolPath

$appPool | set-itemproperty -Name “managedRuntimeVersion” -Value “v2.0”
$appPool | set-itemproperty -Name “managedPipelineMode” -Value “Classic”

function AppPoolConfiguration{
param ([System.String]$applicationPoolName)

$pool = Get-Item “IIS:\AppPools\ASP.NET v4.0”;

#set Enable 32bit Applications
$pool.enable32BitAppOnWin64 = “True”
Log-Info “IIS App pool $pool settings changed: enable32BitAppOnWin64 = True”

#set Pipeline mode
$pool.managedPipelineMode = 0
Log-Info “IIS App pool $pool settings changed: managedPipelineMode = Integrated”

#set Identity
$pool.processModel.username = “reasult\test_lt”
$pool.processModel.password = “2jDsEGih”
$pool.processModel.identityType = 3
Log-Info “IIS App pool $pool settings changed: Identity = $pool.processModel.username”

#set Idle Time-out
$pool.processModel.idleTimeout = “06:00:00”
Log-Info “IIS App pool $pool settings changed: idleTimeout = $pool.processModel.idleTimeout”

$pool | set-item

AppPoolConfiguration $installedWebApplication.applicationPool;

My recommended P2P investment websites

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phpBB forum Lithuanian translation

Hello all phpBB forum administrators. I want to keep this announcement short, so here is my message.

Because I have a few phpBB forums running for international audience, with every phpBB version release I was struggling to find working phpBB Lithuanian translation. Even official support for LT translation is somehow outdated by several years. I invested some time and created a new, up to date phpBB Lithuanian translation which can be used with latest phpBB version (currently 3.2.2) .

Latest Lithuanian phpBB translation now and in the future can be found on my GitHub account: https://github.com/fATALeRRoR/phpbbLithuanianTranslation

If some people would like to join this project or just contribute, please let me know here in comments or on GitHub, or email, etc.

You are always welcome to join! 🙂

Create files and folders textual structure tree (Windows)

I have sophisticated folders structure in my computer and cloud. For example, I have huge collection of personal photos or digital archive of documents.

If I want to generate “graphically displays the folder structure of a drive or path”, I use tree command in windows command line (cmd)

Example of output

Also possible to include\list all files inside folders to output.

I find this command very useful. It allows to compare before\after situation and see the differences.

Sometimes I use this at customers. Just to have a visual backup. So if someone moves or deletes some files, we can always track it back.

Tree command also allows output to text file, which is perfect format for backup.

tree “c:\CsvStagingData” > “c:\a\output.txt” /A /F

Folder PATH listing
Volume serial number is 0000005E 462E:DA4E
| CSVed.exe
| csveditor.chm
| licence.txt
| _pini.dat