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Facebook shares insights from their development process

Facebook growth speed and development scale is enormous. Even you can’t work at Facebook you still can learn how they do coding, releasing, monitoring and what tools can be useful to you too.

Facebook qualities:

  • delivering fast, to be the first a market
  • delivering high quality software (reliability, performance, user experience)

I find 26-30 (hacker series) the most interesting talks as a developer. Good source for new ideas.

If you liked these videos there are more videos available at https://www.youtube.com/user/FacebookDevelopers

Social networks world map for 2011 June

Recently I read a blog post about Facebook domination in the World. I got interesting in how many big social networks are left as top players in the world. What are leading social networks per country?

I found very nice geo chart with all answers I need. You can see it below. If you read it from bottom to top, you see how Facebook overtakes the dominance.

The top social networks left for today 2011 June are (random order):

  • Hyves (Netherlands)
  • V Kontakte (Russia and some neighbours)
  • Odnoklassniki (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Moldova? and Armenia?)
  • Draugiem (Latvia)
  • Zing (Vietnam)
  • Mixi (Japan)
  • Orkut (Brasilia)
  • Qzone (China)

And maybe you would like to guess for how long they are in top? I think all this “internet social” boom must stop one day together with growth of the Facebook. I think this day is not so far away…

Via vincos.it

Update 2011-10-21

Pingdom.com posted nice post about social network popularity around the world (with heat maps). Data was taken from Google Insights. Check out!