Azure MSDN subscription disabled even not all credits are used up

I did try out Azure payable services using MSDN credits. But after several hours my account was disabled. When I login in Azure portal (old or new, doesn’t matter) I see this information message: “Your subscription has been disabled as it has no credit remaining. Remove spending limit”.

Azure MSDN credits disabled 1I have not used Azure so heavily to consume 75 Euro so quickly. Here is a list of my total usage currently shown on the portal:

Azure MSDN credits disabled 2New Azure portal shows this billing summary (I have one private and one MSDN subscriptions):

Azure services billing including MSDN subscriptionMaybe someone knows why it happened and what to do now? Comments are very welcome.

4 thoughts on “Azure MSDN subscription disabled even not all credits are used up

  1. Bert

    I contacted MS support (initiated a ticket via the Azure Portal) and in my case the subscription got immediately disabled because i had deployed a RHEL VM. Azure credits don’t apply to third-party software such as RHEL. When you run third-party software you immediately hit your spending limit and your subscription will be immediately disabled.

    I have now removed my RHEL VM but my subscription remains disabled… now awaiting MS on how i can re-enable my subscription without removing the spending limit and adding credit card…

  2. Andrius Post author

    Hello Bert,
    I deleted all my experimental stuff and could use my Azure credits. Like you find out, probably was related to third party software\hardware.


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