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Msi setup error: installation incomplete

Recently I cleaned (format: c) my computer to make it faster. I reinstalled all software I need for .NET and web development. Suddenly I was stunned with the fact that msi setups are not working  on my machine any more!

I started getting “Installation incomplete” error without extra details.

But there is a way to enable logging for msi installation process. You just need run this command: “msiexec /i MySetyp.msi /l*v mylog.txt”.

You will get big error log with information like that (full log ):

Full log is attached:

MSI (c) (B8:04) [08:34:24:407]: Machine policy value ‘DisableUserInstalls’ is 0
MSI (c) (B8:04) [08:34:24:526]: SOFTWARE RESTRICTION POLICY: Verifying package –> ‘C:\MySetup.msi’ against software restriction policy
MSI (c) (B8:04) [08:34:24:526]: Note: 1: 2262 2: DigitalSignature 3: -2147287038
MSI (c) (B8:04) [08:34:24:526]: SOFTWARE RESTRICTION POLICY: C:\MySetup.msi.msi is not digitally signed
MSI (c) (B8:04) [08:34:24:528]: SOFTWARE RESTRICTION POLICY: C:\MySetup.msi.msi is permitted to run at the ‘unrestricted’ authorization level.
MSI (c) (B8:04) [08:34:24:538]: Cloaking enabled.
MSI (c) (B8:04) [08:34:24:538]: Attempting to enable all disabled privileges before calling Install on Server
MSI (c) (B8:04) [08:34:24:544]: End dialog not enabled
INFO   : [03/21/2012 08:34:24:710] [CheckFX                                 ]: Custom Action is starting…
INFO   : [03/21/2012 08:34:24:710] [CheckFX                                 ]: CoInitializeEx – COM initialization Apartment Threaded…
INFO   : [03/21/2012 08:34:24:712] [CheckFX                                 ]: MsiGetPropertyW – Determine size of property ‘VSDFrameworkVersion’
INFO   : [03/21/2012 08:34:24:712] [CheckFX                                 ]: Allocating space…
INFO   : [03/21/2012 08:34:24:713] [CheckFX                                 ]: MsiGetPropertyW – Getting Property ‘VSDFrameworkVersion’…
INFO   : [03/21/2012 08:34:24:713] [CheckFX                                 ]: Property ‘VSDFrameworkVersion’  retrieved with value ‘v4.0’.
INFO   : [03/21/2012 08:34:24:713] [CheckFX                                 ]: MsiGetPropertyW – Determine size of property ‘VSDFrameworkProfile’
INFO   : [03/21/2012 08:34:24:714] [CheckFX                                 ]: Property ‘VSDFrameworkProfile’  retrieved with value ”.
INFO   : [03/21/2012 08:34:24:714] [CheckFX                                 ]: Set VSDNETMSG with the FrameworkVersion.
INFO   : [03/21/2012 08:34:24:714] [CheckFX                                 ]: MsiGetPropertyW – Determine size of property ‘VSDNETMSG’
INFO   : [03/21/2012 08:34:24:714] [CheckFX                                 ]: Allocating space…
INFO   : [03/21/2012 08:34:24:715] [CheckFX                                 ]: MsiGetPropertyW – Getting Property ‘VSDNETMSG’…

Fix: enable “IIS metabase and IIS6 configuration compatibility” as shown in print screen below:

Simple as that.

How to fix USB flash disk after playing with partitions

Once I tried Google Chrome OS build from Hexxeh just to try if the new OS works. I can say that it works. Works not fully but internet browsing with Chrome goes pretty well. I used USB drive image from website (2 GB) and with the help of DiskImager I made a bootable flash disk. I started my laptop from flash key and it was safe and smooth test.

Today I wanted to use that USB key to transfer some information from one device to another. I formatted the key, because I wanted to delete all data in it. I was surprised when after the formatting the size of USB stick dropped from 8 GB to 1 GB. I checked what shows Disk management  (Control panel – Administrative Tools – Computer management). I saw several partitions: raw, unallocated and others.

So the problems was clear: Chrome OS USB image created specific partitions to his own good. And now I was not unable to do anything with them: format was not allowed and deleting partitions was also impossible.

Helpfully GIYF (Google is your friend) and I found quick and simple solution. Instructions web page is little outdated, but I wanted to share one cool app which maybe will help me in the future again. This piece of software restores your USB key to it’s original state (not in English).

I hope it will help you to fix yours USB drives.